Abhilash Thomas |
(President Pro-Tempore)
Omar Hussein | Delegate
Rasheed Wilkins | Business Administration
(Director of Student Organizational Funding)
Vishal Manjunatha |
(Deputy Director of Research Initiatives)


  • GSG Finance hearings will be held virtually on the first Tuesday of every month (February 1st, March 1st, and April 5th) @ 8 PM. The Zoom link is provided once you submit a request.


See the following guides for information and instructions about the new process:


To apply for funding, complete the funding request in this portal. The form must be completed by a graduate student, not a faculty advisor. Once you have completed the request you will be taken to a confirmation page.

Note that your budget request should specifically declare/discuss:

  • All anticipated costs as line-itemized items
  • Total anticipated event cost
  • Current organization's available funds
  • Organization's contribution to the event
  • External contributions to the event (e.g., departments, co-sponsoring organizations)
  • Specific fundraising at/for the event
  • Intended event audience and plan for advertising open-to-the-public events
  • Number of Clemson graduate student* organization members (verified TigerQuest)
  • A record counting the number of Clemson graduate student* attendees
  • Order of preference for line-itemized cost

*This excludes undergraduate students and non-graduate student family and friends.

Additionally, note that the Finance Committee:

  • Typically DOES fund food/beverages and venue spaces either partially or entirely.
  • DOES consider funding events that encourage organizations' financial independence.
  • DOES consider funding registration fees for professional development activities.
  • By precedent, DOES NOT fund speaker-related costs, as it is difficult to equate these directly to graduate students.
  • DOES NOT consider funding for community aid events, as these types of events have a separate application process.
  • By precedent, DOES NOT fund "paper" products, including advertising costs (paper or electronic) or table products (plasticware, tablecloths, etcetera).
  • By precedent, DOES NOT fund "transportation" costs, including gasoline and car rental.
  • By precedent, DOES NOT fund "hotel" costs, as these are not directly identifiable as graduate student events.
  • By precedent, DOES NOT fund the following beverage items: plastic water bottles, canned soda, two-liter soda containers, etc. (beverages that can be stored).
  • By precedent,DOES NOT fund any merchandise (for example, t-shirts).
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