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  • New to Spring 2021! GSG has moved all funding and reimbursement requests to the TigerQuest platform, with the guidelines and standards remaining the same. Please checkout the guides (below) for detailed instructions on the new process.
  • Until further notice, all GSG funded events must be held virtually. If your student organization requires GSG funding to host a virtual event, we encourage you to apply!
  • GSG Finance hearings will be held virtually on the first Tuesday of every month (February 2nd, March 2nd, and April 6th) @ 8 PM. The Zoom link for the Tuesday hearing can be found here:


See the following guides for information and instructions about the new process:


To apply for funding, complete the funding request in this portal. The form must be completed by a graduate student, not a faculty advisor. Once you have completed the request you will be taken to a confirmation page.

Note that your budget request should specifically declare/discuss:

  • All anticipated costs as line-itemized items
  • Total anticipated event cost
  • Current organization's available funds
  • Organization's contribution to the event
  • External contributions to the event (e.g., departments, co-sponsoring organizations)
  • Specific fundraising at/for the event
  • Intended event audience and plan for advertising open-to-the-public events
  • Number of Clemson graduate student* organization members (verified TigerQuest)
  • A record counting the number of Clemson graduate student* attendees
  • Order of preference for line-itemized cost

*This excludes undergraduate students and non-graduate student family and friends.

Additionally, note that the Finance Committee:

  • Typically DOES fund food/beverages and venue spaces either partially or entirely.
  • DOES consider funding events that encourage organizations' financial independence.
  • DOES consider funding registration fees for professional development activities.
  • By precedent, DOES NOT fund speaker-related costs, as it is difficult to equate these directly to graduate students.
  • DOES NOT consider funding for community aid events, as these types of events have a separate application process.
  • By precedent, DOES NOT fund "paper" products, including advertising costs (paper or electronic) or table products (plasticware, tablecloths, etcetera).
  • By precedent, DOES NOT fund "transportation" costs, including gasoline and car rental.
  • By precedent, DOES NOT fund "hotel" costs, as these are not directly identifiable as graduate student events.
  • By precedent, DOES NOT fund the following beverage items: plastic water bottles, canned soda, two-liter soda containers, etc. (beverages that can be stored).
  • By precedent,DOES NOT fund any merchandise (for example, t-shirts).
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