Welcome to the Graduate Travel Grant Service (GTGS), the electronic system for handling the application, review, and administration of Professional Enrichment Grants (GTGs) from the Graduate Student Government at Clemson University. GTGs, Professional Enrichment Grants, are reimbursement-based grants for the GSG that supplement graduate student travel to conferences and and field experiences. The GTGs are open to any current graduate student at Clemson University and may be applied for under the Applicants section of the GTGS page in the navigation menu.

There are three application periods per year opening for two weeks approximately one month before each period. For a GTG to be considered the graduate student is asked to submit an application during the two week window before the period in which his/her conference or field experience is to take place. Any GTG applicant can only apply for a maximum of three GTGs during a single GTG application year. For more information regarding applying for GTGs please read through the GTGS Applicant's Manual.

Please be sure to read the Application Instructions before beginning an application and be aware of the important dates below that include the period dates, the application windows, the tentative award release dates, and the final receipt due date for each period. If awarded a Professional Enrichment Grant, GTG, all receipts are due to Julie Garcia in 804 Student Union. For more information on the grading criteria for a GTG application, please review the Rubric.

GTG Period Event Dates Application Opens Application Closes Reviews Due Announcements Receipts due
Fall 2019August 26 - December 31, 2019Noon, August 05, 2019Midnight, August 14, 2019Midnight, August 19, 2019August 22, 2019January 15, 2020
Spring 2020January 01 - May 14, 2020Noon, November 06, 2019Midnight, November 15, 2019Midnight, November 20, 2019November 25, 2019June 01, 2020
Summer 2020May 15 - September 15, 2020Noon, March 23, 2020Midnight, April 01, 2020Midnight, April 06, 2020April 10, 2020September 25, 2020
Bridget L. Blood | Forest Resources
Daniel Odenwelder | Bioengineering
John Sherwood | Environmental Engineering and Science
(GTGS Applicant-Reviewer Chair)
Kathy Ehlert | Engineering and Science Education
(Senate Secretary)
Stephanie Schenck | Literacy, Language, and Culture
(GTGS Awards Chair)
Frequently Asked Questions
How do I apply?

Select Applicants. Register and complete the application before the deadline. Ensure that your advisor submits his/her attestation before the deadline. All applicants are also required to review 5 applications during the review period; failure to do so will result in disqualification.

How much money can I get?

Applicants can receive a maximum of $750 for domestic travel and $1000 for international travel (travel to Alaska or Hawaii counts as international) per application. Money will be received as a reimbursement after travel is completed.

What can the money be used for?

GTGs are for individual travel to conferences, workshops, and field experiences. GTGs will pay for conference registration fees, lodging, and travel expenses (plane ticket, car rental, mileage). Food is not covered.

Who is eligible to apply?

Any current graduate student may apply for a GTG.

Who reviews the applications?

GTG applications are evaluated by peer review. All applicants are required to review 5 applications to be qualified for an award. Reviewers will evaluate the funding justification essay with consideration of applicant-declared career goals.

When do I apply?

There are three GTG sessions per year (Fall, Spring, Summer). Applications are due in the session prior to the session containing your travel dates. If your travel spans two sessions, apply for the session in which the last date of your travel falls. Please see the GTGS homepage for the list of dates.

I have multiple events in the same session, what do I do?

You can submit multiple applications per application period, with a maximum of three awards per year. You can submit a maximum of 3 - (awards received in current year) applications. If you receive 3 awards, you will not be able to apply for another GTG until the following academic year.

How do I find out if I received an award?

Award letters are sent out by email about a week after reviews of applications are complete. You can access your award letter by clicking on Feedback.

How do I receive the money?

If you are awarded a grant, please follow the directions listed on the GTGS Reimbursement Form, which is accessible under the Applicants portion of this site. If you are on university payroll and use direct deposit, the money will be deposited in your account. Otherwise, you will be mailed a check to the address on file with the university.

What is not covered by a GTG?

Grant money cannot be used to pay for food items. Also, GTGs do not cover non-travel related expenses associated with research. **The Budget section of the GTG application asks applicants for information regarding food only for statistical purposes.

I will not know if I am presenting until after the application deadline! Help?

Any graduate student may apply for a GTG whether or not they are presenting at a conference. With that said, students who are presenters typically score higher than non-presenters and have a higher probability of receiving an award. Because of the GTG application windows, not everyone will know if their abstract has been accepted to a conference. In these cases, the GTG committee allows the student to write their application as if they are presenting, as long as they have submitted an abstract. Proof of presentation, or at least proof of abstract submission, is required to receive reimbursement.

Can a study abroad semester or trip receive funding?

In general, trips that have a tuition component or offer college credits are outside the scope of GTG. The travel grant is meant to help fund events, such as a conference, workshop, or certain types of fieldwork - not off-campus classes. If you are unsure if your trip will qualify, contact the GTG committee at

Graduate Student Center
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