Below is the current list of senators from various graduate programs across campus. Every graduate program is allotted 2 senator positions that can be filled by any active Clemson graduate student. Click the button below to see who represents your department, and if there is an open position that you would like to fill for your program please reach out to

College of Agriculture, Forestry and Life Sciences (CAFLS)

Brice Bonds | Agriculture
Ryan Dean | Agriculture
Amber Stone | Animal & Veterinary Sciences
Dana McCurdy | Animal & Veterinary Sciences
Sophia Conzemius | Entomology
Logan Tisch | Environmental Toxicology
Rose Somers | Food Technology
Vishal Manjunatha | Food Technology
Abigail Farkas | Food, Nutrition and Culinary Sciences
Benjamin Hewes | Food, Nutrition and Culinary Sciences
Sara Lalk | Forest Resources
William Slater | Forest Resources
Kenneth Greene | Packaging Science
Pawanjit Kaur Sandhu | Plant & Environmental Sciences
Bhupinder Jatana | Plant and Environmental Sciences
Allison Melcher | Wildlife and Fisheries Biology

College of Architecture, Arts and Humanities (CAAH)

Kyle Dool | City and Regional Planning
Madisen Gelner | City and Regional Planning
Divyanshu Divyanshu | Construction Science and Management
Shreyas Bipinbhai Patel | Construction Science and Management
Fran Smith | English
Brooke Day | Fine Arts
Carole Thomas | History
Elham Masoomkhah | Planning, Design and the Built Environment
Saeideh Sobhaninia | Planning, Design and the Built Environment
Cody Hunter | Rhetorics, Communication, and Information Design
Jacob Richter | Rhetorics, Communication, and Information Design

College of Behavioral, Social and Health Sciences (CBSHS)

Cristy Stagnar | Healthcare Genetics
Pinar Ozmizrak | Healthcare Genetics
Claire Textor | Human Factors Psychology
Benjamin Fowler | Parks, Recreation & Tourism Mgt
Erica Meier | Parks, Recreation & Tourism Mgt
Monica Culbreath | Public Administration
Rachel Billmyer | Public Administration

College of Business (CoB)

Pranith Abbaraju | Business Administration
Rachel Russell | Business Administration
Jacob Lamb | Economics

College of Education (CoE)

Patrick Lowe | Athletic Leadership
Dylan Hays | Counselor Education (Student Affairs)
Julieann Spray | Counselor Education (Student Affairs)
Daniel Stockwell | Literacy, Language, and Culture
Meghan Malloy | Literacy, Language, and Culture
Lesley Kelley | Teaching and Learning

College of Engineering, Computing and Applied Sciences (CECAS)

Reece Fratus | Bioengineering
Sarah Mbiki | Bioengineering
Paritra Mandal | Biomedical Data Science and Informatics
Elizabeth (Libby) Flanagan | Biosystems Engineering
Missoury Lytle | Chemical Engineering
Venkata Rohit Punyapu | Chemical Engineering
Lakshay Kathuria | Civil Engineering
Swapnil Marathe | Civil Engineering
Wesley Brad Green | Computer Engineering
Alex Day | Computer Science
Simeon Babatunde | Computer Science
Kayla Rutherford | Digital Production Arts
Amritha Ananthanarayanan | Electrical Engineering
Payam Badr | Electrical Engineering
Rachel Lanning | Engineering & Science Education
Abi Roberts | Environmental Engineering & Science
Brennan Ferguson | Environmental Engineering & Science
Mehtab Iqbal (Shahan) | Human-Centered Computing
Moloud Nasiri | Human-Centered Computing
Michael Clark | Industrial Engineering
Bailey Meehan | Materials Science and Engineering
Mastooreh Seyedi | Materials Science and Engineering
Faraz Ashtiani | Mechanical Engineering
Yasir Mahmood | Mechanical Engineering

College of Science (CoS)

Nava Poudyal | Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
Tim Cronin | Biological Sciences
Adam Gaynor | Chemistry
Austin Seilkop | Chemistry
Craig Fick | Data Science and Analytics
Steele Schauer | Data Science and Analytics
Logan Tisch | Environmental Toxicology
Bharath Kunduru | Genetics
Irem Bastuzel | Genetics
Amy Burton | Mathematical Sciences
Annacaroline Bachstein | Mathematical Sciences
Michelle Baldassare | Microbiology

Interdisciplinary Programs (IDS)

Graduate Student Center
602 University Union
Clemson, SC