Dixizi Liu | Deputy Director of Justice, Equity, Diversity, & Inclusion
Athira Babu | Director of Graduate Advisory Taskforce
Lindsey Steffan | Director of Graduate, Academic & Campus Affairs
Luke Hall | Director of Health & Human Services
Evan Branyon | Director of Justice, Equity, Diversity, & Inclusion
Cassandra Simpson | Director of Sustainability

Name Chairs Responsibilities Liaisons with Notes Size:(min) Size:(max)
Graduate Academic Affairs Committee GAA Chair Represent graduate students on issues of academic integrity and grievance; Contribute input to policies on graduate student academics, including curriculum for graduate programs, certificates, and courses within the University. Liaisons with Graduate School to allocate students for any integrity or grievance issue. Combination of Academics & Extracurricular, International Student & Study Abroad, and parts of Discipline & Integrity subcommittees 7 13
Council on Graduate Studies (CGS) 2 2
Graduate Advisory Committee (GAC) 2 2
Graduate Academic Integrity Committee (AIC) 1 1
Graduate Academic Grievance Committee (AGC) 7 7
Graduate Curriculum Committee (GCC) (non-voting) 0 1
Graduate Fellowships and Awards Committee (non-voting); Graduate Admissions and Continued Enrollment Appeals Committee (non-voting)
Distance Education Advisory Board (DEAB) 1 1
Academic Council (President)
Student Code of Conduct Review Committee (SCCRC) 1 2
The Alcohol and Other Drugs Advisory Board 0 1
Commission on Accessibility; Commission on the Status of Black Faculty and Staff (non-voting); Commission on the Status of Women (non-voting); Commission on Student Veterans
University Services Committee US Chair Act on all matters regarding commercial services and campus technology; Promote technology and other university services among graduate students; Advocate for improved technological services to benefit the graduate student body Previously the Technology and Libraries Committee 5 10
Academic Technologies Council (ATC) 1 1
IT Student Advisory Board (ITSAB) 3 3
Libraries Advisory Committee (LAC) 1 1
Intellectual Property Committee (IPC) 1 1
Student Affairs Student Advisory Board (SASAB) 3 3
University Assessment Committee (UAC) 1 1
Bookstore Advisory Committee (BAC) 1 1
Health Services Committee HS Chair Promote all matters regarding health, wellness, and nutrition of the graduate student body May work closely with DI Committee on Commission on Accessibility 5 8
Student Health Committee (SHC) 1 1
Student Health Services 0 3+
Transportation & Facilities Committee TF Chair Promote all matters regarding to parking, mass transportation, and safety of the graduate student body; Contribute input to policies regarding parking, transportation, facilities, and university sustainability Combines Parking & Transportation with Sustainability 5 8
Parking Advisory Committee (PAC) 1 1
Parking & Transportation Services 0 3+
Accident Review Board (ARB) 1 1
Parking Review Board (President)
Commission on Sustainability (non-voting) 0 1
Vending Machine Committee (President)
University Advisory Committee on Naming Land and Facilities (non-voting) 0 0
Graduate Campus Life Committee GL Chair Handle all other aspects of graduate student life on campus not overseen by other External committees. Represent graduate students in matters of university and intramural athletics Campus Recreation Advisory Board (CRAB) Also handles University fees and tuition stuff 5 8
Athletic Council (President) 1 1
Clemson Athletic Department 0 1+

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