Procedures for Applying/Receiving Legal Aid

Only enrolled graduate students are eligible for legal aid from Clemson Graduate Student Government (CGSG). Undergraduates may request legal assistance though Clemson Undergraduate Student Government (CUSG, 864-656-2195).


To apply for legal aid, click on the Apply for Aid link and complete the request. The form must be completed by the graduate student requesting assistance. Once you have completed the request you will be taken to a confirmation page. You must submit the request form to be eligible for the program.


After completing the aid request, your information will be sent to the CGSG Chief of Staff to review. If approved, you will be contacted by email, and given a voucher and a list of attorneys who participate in the legal aid program. It is your responsibility to make an appointment with the attorney of your choosing.


Once you have visited the attorney, you will be required to turn in a copy of the voucher to the CGSG Office at 602 University Union. Failure to turn in the voucher will result in the cost of the visit being billed to your student account.

  • CGSG will provide the $15 for the initial 30 minute consultation. We do not provide any additional assistance beyond the initial consultation.
  • Each student is only allowed to use this service once per semester.
  • Limited funding is available for legal aid. Once the funding for this service is used up, the service will not be available until the next funded academic semester.
Questions concerning legal aid may be directed to the Chief of Staff at The Chief of Staff will contact you from a different email address for correspondence.
Frequently Asked Questions
How long does it take to get aid?

We can usually process your request within 48 hours. If you have an emergency, please contact us at

Do I have to use the voucher if I request it?

No. You do not have to use the voucher just because you requested it.

Do I have to submit a copy of my voucher to CGSG?

Yes. If you do not submit a copy of your voucher to the CGSG offices (located at 702 University Union), you will be billed for your visit.

How does legal aid define a “semester”?

We define the fall semester as July 1 through December 31 and the spring semester as January 1 through June 30.

Can I make more than one request in a semester?

There is one exception to the rules. If you are in need of an emergency second waiver during a semester, you may submit a request. Please note that it is a second emergency waiver request. A committee, comprised of the CGSG President, Chief of Staff, and Faculty Advisor, will review your request and let you know if you have been approved. The emergency waiver is also only for a single 30-minute consultation.

Can you suggest an attorney for me?

We cannot suggest an attorney for you. We have a list of lawyers who have experience with visa and immigration issues, and a list of general lawyers. We advise that you contact the lawyers to see if they are able to assist with your specific situation.

How do you choose which attorneys are on the list?

The attorneys on the list are those who have contacted us and expressed an interest in participating in the program.

My friend used legal aid. Can I just print a copy of his/her voucher and use it?

No. If we have not received a request in your name through the CGSG website, we cannot pay for your legal visit and you will be billed for the visit.

Graduate Student Center
602 University Union
Clemson, SC