The Graduate Student Government puts on the Graduate Research and Discovery Symposium (GRADS) every year as a stage for graduate students to share their innovations with the community. In 2018, GRADS featured three events: lecture presentations, poster competition, and presentations powered by PechaKucha (PK).

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GRADS 2019

The GRADS event takes place during Clemson’s Research Week in early April every year and includes poster contests, lecture presentation and 5-minute lightning talks. This year we will also have speakers from the industry and from Adobe, Clemson presenting talks aimed at improving graduate students' career prospects and skill sets! CASH PRIZES will be awarded for the poster competition! If you have any questions, contact Shraddhaa Narasimha or Jaime Idarraga.

Date: April 3rd and 4th 2019
Venue: Watt Family Innovation Center Atrium and Auditorium
Register Closed


College of Architecture, Arts and Humanities
  1. Shahrooz Beheshti | Masters student in Architecture + Health
  2. Shelley Lloyd | PhD student in Rhetorics, Communication, and Information Design
  3. Rutali Joshi | PhD student in Architecture + Health

College of Agriculture, Forestry and Life Sciences
  1. J. Mitchum Haynes | Masters student in Plant and Environmental Sciences
  2. Bridget Blood | PhD student in Forestry and Environmental Conservation
  3. Maslyn Greene | Masters student in Animal and Veterinary Science

College of Behavioral, Social and Health Sciences
  1. Anton Sytine | PhD candidate in industrial and organizational psychology
  2. Julie Bedi | PhD candidate in Applied Health Research and Evaluation
  3. Aminah Roberts | PhD student in human factors psychology

College of Business
  1. Jonathan Ernest | PhD candidate in economics
  2. Elijah Neilson | PhD candidate in economics
  3. Smriti Bhargava | PhD candidate in economics

College of Science
  1. Christie Sampson | PhD candidate in biological sciences
  2. Joseph Angeloni | PhD student in microbiology
  3. Tatiana Estrada | PhD student in chemistry

College of Engineering, Computing and Applied Sciences
  1. Mengfen Shen | PhD candidate in civil engineering
  2. James Foster | PhD student in chemical and biomolecular engineering
  3. Chris Hornat | PhD candidate in materials science and engineering

College of Education
  1. Abby Stephan | PhD student in learning sciences
  2. Chelsea Waugaman, William L. Havice, Pamela A. Havice, and Kristin Walker | Educational Leadership
  3. Friggita Johnson, Michelle Popham, and Jill Shelnut | special education

Graduate Student Center
602 University Union
Clemson, SC